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in resolving your business, systems and technological needs

We adopt a Soft System Model

Welcome to Business Information Systems Consulting Limited (also known as BIS Consulting Limited with the acronym BISC).

BIS Consulting is a UK based consultancy providing strategic operational & technology consultancy services to organisations wishing to gain competitive advantage and consumer retention via the use of technology, process improvement and optimisation. With vast knowledge in technology consulting and the implementation and delivery of enterprise business systems and applications, we help to make sense of technological innovations and work with your organisation to see how you can benefit from them.

Requirements Engineering(RE) Services

The Primary measure of success of a business system is the degree to which it meets the purpose and needs for which it was intended. We adopt both traditional and agile approaches in gathering the requirements to resolve a business problem or to build a new information system. In resolving a problem we consider, Business Improvement, Process Improvement, System Improvement or a combination of any of the three.

Product Design & Delivery(PDD)

At BIS Consulting, we understand that product success is a combination of product and project success. Our promise in product delivery is to follow industry standard models which enables us to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions. We incorporate business analysis activities in each of our product and project delivery with the required level of testing needed for each delivery

Business Intelligence(BI) Services

Business Intelligence requires that organisations gather, store, access, analyse & visualise  huge amount of data in order to understand and make better informed decisions. We can access your data needs and implement intelligent solutions to meet these needs

Project Management

We can help our clients plan, monitor, control & implements a project using both traditional & agile project management techniques within the required time, cost, quality and scope taking in consideration benefits and risk

Regulatory Compliance(AML & FinCrime)

BIS consulting can assess the extent to which an organisation’s compliance and control standards has been applied across each of it’s AML & Compliance workstreams and proceeds with the design and implementation of a robust quality control/assurance framework

Business Process Re-engineering(BPR)

We offer business process re-engineering services that can help in resolving your business problems without necessarily the need to acquire or built new systems depending on your business needs and circumstances. We achieve this by defining new processes or customizing exiting business processes to fit into organisational goals, objectives and business systems.

Change Management

In the life of any project or programme, BIS Consulting has the ability to effecting manage change request, by determining the feasibility of the proposed change, analyzing cost and benefits, carry out Change Impact Analysis, plan, execute, propagate, test and update the required documents during a change process

E-Services & New Media

With services like E-mail Marketing, Auto-Mailing Responds, Web Hosting and Instagram Handler, we can help businesses improve its visibility, access a greater customer base, broaden market reach and enhance the perceived image of a business. We can help drive business conversations and convert prospects into customers

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