in resolving your business, systems and technological needs

We adopt a Soft System Model

Welcome to Business Information Systems Consulting

Welcome to Business Information Systems Consulting Limited (also known as BIS Consulting Limited with the acronym BISC). BIS Consulting is a UK based consultancy providing strategic management and technology consultancy services to organisations wishing to gain competitive advantage and consumer retention via the use of technology,process improvement and optimisation. With vast knowledge on the implementation and delivery of enterprise business systems and solutions, we help to make sense of business and technological innovations and work with your organisation to see how you can benefit from them.

Requirements Engineering(RE) Services

The primary measure of success of a business or system is the degree to which it meets the purpose and needs for which it was intended by ensuring that business objectives are clearly captured and articulated.

Business Process Re-engineering(BPR) Services

We offer business process re-engineering services that can help in resolving your business problems without necessarily the need to acquire or built new systems depending on the business needs and circumstances.

Product Design & Delivery(PDD)

At BIS Consulting, we understand that product success is a combination of product and project success. Our promise in product delivery is to follow industry standard which enables us to deliver cost-effective efficient products and solutions

Business Intelligence(BI) services

We can ensure through business intelligence that organisations gather, store, access and analyse huge amount of data in order to understand and make better informed decisions related to different aspect of their business.

Quality Assurance and Control Services

Through compliance testing and software testing, BIS Consulting can access the extent to which an organisation’s system,compliance and control standards has been applied across each of its business lines

Capacity Enhancement and Training

In cases of gaps in the technical and general competencies of your staff, Business Information Systems Consulting Ltd has the capacity to provide effective, up-to-date training and staff augmentation

Change Management

We have the capacity to transition individuals, teams, and organizations using methods intended to re-direct the use of resources, business processes, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly reshapes a business

Project Management

We see a project as a series of tasks conceived and executed as the situation demands in an adaptive manner, rather than a completely pre-planned process. Our consultative approach would help in providing the right project management solution that meets your unique requirements

Like to know our strategy?

Our Strategy: Your Path To Success

Our trusted strategy will produce sound and sustainable business solutions for every facet of your business operations, right down to the smallest detail.

C = Customers

C = Customers: The beneficiary of the transformation, the recipient of the system’s end product or the person or group on the receiving end of its services.

T = Transformation

 T = Transformation: the activity that lies at the heart of the system, transforming the input to the resulting output. It encapsulates the core business processes that are carried out to transform an input into an output of value to the customer.

O = Owner

O = Owner: The person, or group of people, who can take major decisions about the business system, who could change its direction or who could in the most extreme case cause it to cease to exist.

A = Actors

A = Actors: Those responsible for performing the business activities within the scope of the view being considered. They could be within the organisation representing a job role or they could be outside the organisation, for example business partners.

W = Weltanschauung

W = Weltanschauung or world view: an encapsulation of the individual’s beliefs about the organisation or business system, or in other words their views as to why it exists and what it should be doing.

E = Environment

E = Environment: the conditions and rules under which the system must operate that are outside the control of the owner and that must be regarded as ‘givens’.